Discussion on Chapter 17: Keeping the Law of Chastity

Discussion on Chapter 17- Keeping the Law of Chastity


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This is our discussion on the seventeenth lesson from the Relief Society and Elder’s Quorum manual. The conversation includes Sheri, Jon, and Brian. The official lesson can be found here. Thank you so much for listening, and of course we are always excited to hear your own thoughts, which can be shared in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “Discussion on Chapter 17: Keeping the Law of Chastity

  1. Really? Your discussion includes the R-Rated movie, “40-Year-Old Virgin?” I didn’t find this discussion useful in preparing for this lesson. It was random and bounced around without an organized focus.


    • Thanks for your comment and feedback. I am interested that you think we had no organized focus, as I was trying. The focus I was trying to have was the idea that the law of chastity is so important and yet we can sometimes do damage in the way we talk about it through zealous and shame filled approaches. The movie discussion could potentially be a good example of this. I personally have never seen it, although I have seen the commercial and thus understood the points made. What I understood by the comments was that the film was portraying older single individuals in a shameful and misunderstood way, and while this may not be a film everyone would choose to see, I think the fact that we as members of the church can sometimes do the same thing makes the point worth having in the discussion. We need to be kind to each other, and we need to discover better ways to discuss these difficult topics. This may be a clumsy attempt, but I think we all need to stretch ourselves as we attempt to better understand each other in less judgmental ways.

      If nothing was helpful for you in this episode, I am sorry as we are simply doing our best to discuss the lessons in ways that make sense to us, but let me leave you with one last attempt to help you in your lesson. As you plan the content you want to share with your class, try to remember that your ward is filled with people who have differing experiences and are all trying to make the gospel work within their lives. While some methods may work for some, others may ostracise and push away others. Whatever methods you attempt to put into your lesson, I hope that it will be full of love and compassion, and will point individuals towards the powerful messages of the atonement.

      Thanks again for listening, and again I am sorry if this was not what you were looking for.


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