Discussion on Chapter 19: Leadership

Discussion on Chapter 19- Leadership

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This is our discussion on the ninteenth lesson from the Relief Society and Elder’s Quorum manual. The conversation includes Sheri, Jon, and Brian. The official lesson can be found here. Thank you so much for listening, and of course we are always excited to hear your own thoughts, which can be shared in the comment section below.


One thought on “Discussion on Chapter 19: Leadership

  1. Another great discussion. I wanted to give my thoughts on Jonathan’s questions about what being strong in the faith or firm in the spirit mean. I think that it makes more sense to say …in the faith of your convictions. A leader who stands firm in his or her convictions will back up employees when they are in the right, will admit to mistakes, and will not allow things to slide. Employees whose leaders are firm in their convictions will trust their employers and accept corrections because they will be consistent with the employer’s strongly held convictions.
    About Sheri ‘s concerns that introverts have more trouble adjusting to leadership positions, I think they have greater potential to be good leaders precisely because it doesn’t come naturally. The introvert tends to have little faith in their ability to lead and will depend more readily on the advice and expertise of people on the team.


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