Discussion on Chapter 20: “Feed My Sheep”

Discussion on Chapter 20- “Feed My Sheep”

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This is our discussion on the twentieth lesson from the Relief Society and Elder’s Quorum manual. The conversation includes Sheri, Jon, and Brian. The official lesson can be found here. Thank you so much for listening, and of course we are always excited to hear your own thoughts, which can be shared in the comment section below.

Click here to access the mentioned handout.


6 thoughts on “Discussion on Chapter 20: “Feed My Sheep”

  1. THANK YOU for your podcast! I wish I had found your blog earlier this year when I was called as a RS teacher. It has been so helpful to listen to your POVs; I took notes like I was in college again and will be using them to fine tune my lesson for this week. Really, thank you thank you thank you!


      • I believe I searched the term “ezra taft benson feed my sheep lesson” or something of the sort. Unfortunately, you’re pretty far down, page 4 or further, which is probably why I haven’t found you until now. Have you considered posting on sugardoodle? Or possibly doing some SEO tweeks to try to increase rankings? Anyway, I’ll definitely be a regular visitor, especially when working on my lessons! Thanks again.


      • That is so nice to hear! Yah, we are kinda hard to find, which is why I asked how you found us. This episode was a little different than most of our discussions. Normally we have more of a focus on the actual manual chapter, although we are usually fairly informal about it. I will be interested to hear what you think as you listen to more discussions. Thanks for listening.


  2. Hello, is anybody there? … it has been sooo long since a new podcast has been posted. I miss you! I’m starting to feel the dreaded symptoms of podcast withdrawal. (Just in jest)


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